Taste the Good Life:  Yoga, Chocolate, Trails, and Waterfalls

This experience is offered year-round!  If you have two or more people interested, please contact us at info@suenodevida.org and we would be happy to coordinate with you.

This thoughtfully crafted experience is equal parts enjoyment and enrichment, delighting your senses while opening your mind to the possibility of a more natural, balanced, and sustainable way of life. 

Experience the taste of exquisite hand-made chocolate after touring the very farm where it’s made, learning from one of its passionate founders how they grow heirloom cacao organically  in a harmonious forest of fruit trees, spices, and native trees. While sipping a glass of tropical fruit wine, you can see and learn how it’s made—a process you can easily do at home with your own seasonal fruit.  What can be more enjoyable than swimming in emerald green lagoons under sparkling waterfalls? Taking in the spectacular views and diving into the refreshing waters in perfect tranquil seclusion, quietly leaving paradise exactly as you found it.  And if you would like to enjoy the benefits of our yoga sessions, be assured you will be guided by an exceptionally knowledgable and experienced teacher.

All this happens in the lush, life-giving cloud forest of Ecuador, in a region renowned for its biodiversity and enjoyed for its ideal mildly warm temperatures, natural abundance, and colorful wildlife. Tucked into this verdant locale is Sueño de Vida, an eco-lodge and permaculture farm nestled in a green valley on a private nature reserve spanning twenty acres of wild and edible forests, animal pastures, natural springs and shimmering lagoons. Away from the buzz and artificial light of the city, morning, day, and night reveal their distinct personalities as your body synchronizes to a more natural rhythm.  In the morning, wake refreshed to a sweet symphony of birdsong.  Refresh during the day by floating in clear spring waters and nourish yourself with wholesome tasty foods prepared simply from local ingredients. Relax in the evening with stroll in the evening past the green fields alight with fireflies, and sleep deeply in the dark of night lulled by the gentle sounds of nature.


Day 1:  Arrive in the afternoon, settle in, take a stroll around the grounds or simply relax and unwind, evening snack/herbal tea or hot chocolate

Day 2:  Breakfast, mid-morning excursion to Salto de Tigre Cascade and Lagoon, lunch at SdV, afternoon relaxation and yoga session, evening snack/herbal tea 

Day 3:  Morning yoga, breakfast, guided walking tour of Sueño de Vida project or river hike, lagoon swim, lunch, afternoon relaxation, tropical fruit wine making session, evening snack/herbal tea

Day 4:  Breakfast, mid-morning excursion to Mashpi Chocolate Farm, home-cooked Cuban lunch with tropical fruit wine sampling, afternoon relaxation, evening snack with hot chocolate from the Mashpi!

Day 5:  Morning yoga, breakfast, departure

Price (with express car transport to and from Quito): $750.   Includes meals, lodging, excursions, and yoga classes.  Does not include airfare. 

Price (without transport to and from Quito): $495. Includes meals, lodging, excursions, and yoga classes.  Does not include airfare.  SDV is accessible through a combination of charter bus and local tax for approx. $50.  See How to Get Here for very detailed instructions.

To learn more about lodging at Sueño Vida and the excursions featured, please visit Accommodations and AttractionsTo find out more about Ecuador and what to expect on your journey here, see Why Come to Sueño de Vida.  And to know more about yoga teacher/Sueño de Vida co-founder Kristen Krash, visit About KK.

Yoga Retreat with Lisa Joy Glassman

July 29-August 4

Retreat to Sueño de Vida! Experience your true inner nature through a reality of living in harmony with the land. Join me in the lush cloud forest of Ecuador for 6 days of total tranquility in natural beauty.

Each day includes yoga, meditation, direct connection with the land, and peace. Nourish your body eating organic fruits and vegetables grown in the food forest on site and delivered from nearby farms by mule. Cleanse your body swimming in crystal clear waters at nearby cascades and in the spring fed lagoon at Sueño de Vida. Sleep deeply in the dark and wake to the sounds of parakeets and toucans, fully rested without the hum and buzz of power lines and machinery, or the glow of lights and screens.  See the world around you lit up by the sun, the moon, and thousands of stars. Taste the freshest food, breathe the cleanest air, feel the earth supporting you, and listen to her many beings. By leaving the loud clamber of distractions behind, the mind chatter diminishes, giving the space to be in the present moment, existing in harmony with yourself. At Sueño de Vida you can see and feel in clear and tangible ways what it is to live simply, sustainably, and in stewardship to the land. Explore the beauty of nature around you, and see the reflection of your true self.

Price:  $1095. Includes transport to and from Quito, meals and lodging at Sueño de Vida, yoga classes, one tailored individual massage session, and all excursions featured in this retreat. 

To learn more about lodging at Sueño Vida and the excursions featured, please visit Accommodations and AttractionsTo find out more about Ecuador and what to expect on your journey here, see Why Come to Sueño de Vida.