This page was once called ¨The Dream.¨

Sueño de Vida is no longer ¨just a dream.¨

It is positive change, happenning now.

Sueño de Vida is a nature reserve, permaculture farm, natural building project, and education center dedicated to forest restoration and sustainable living.

Our Mission is nothing less than a full ecological regeneration of our land

and to serve as a model for the transmission of ideas and actions that make regeneration possible.

We are located in sub-tropical cloud forest of northwest Ecuador.

This region is part of the Choco forest, biologically renowned for its remarkable diversity of flora and fauna and unique endemic species. The thirty acres of land encompassing our project, although verdant and beautiful, has suffered degradation from logging and cattle farming. Much, much more of this land was once forested, teeming with life, sequestering carbon, and breathing oxygen.

And it can and will be again.

We are creating a tropical garden of Eden from a ¨green desert¨of pasture—one seed, plant, and tree at a time.

In the two short years we have been working on this land it has perceptibly changed. In the areas we are cultivating, now fruit, nut, and timber trees pepper the once monochromatic landscape with varied color and texture. Their foliage is beginning to provide shade and habitat, their flowers color and nectar, their fruit food for wildlife—and us!

New birds, butterflies, bees, and other seed-bearers and pollinators come here to feed and take shelter in their branches. In the areas we are presently leaving alone, the pace of natural regeneration is quickening. Woody shrubs and tall pioneers seemingly sprout up overnight. Even more species of wildlife, swarms of insects, the frogs and lizards that eat them, and the owls and large birds that eat them in turn, are returning home.

To accomplish our mission. we

  • Cultivate parcels of environmentally degraded land with a wide variety (polyculture) of pioneer species, fruit and nut trees, legumes, and timber carefully sected to rebuild soil structure, accumulate nutrients, sequster carbon, provide food, and restore wildlife habitiat.

  • Care for our cultivars organically without herbicides, fungicides, or other chemicals.

  • Allow other areas of land to regenerate without intervestion in order to observe natural patterns and learn from them.

  • Work closely with neighboring allies in restoration work to share seeds, plants, ideas, observations, and plans for action.

  • Offer courses and work exchange opportunities where participants learn how to transform a love for nature into effective action in a rural or urban context.

  • Host retreats and nature-immersions where we take visitors on led tours of sustainable farms, artisan chocolate makers, and regenerating forests so they can experience first-hand the mutual benefits of conservation and simple living..

To minimize our personal footprint on the land, we

  • Maintain our human habitat in a small, contained zone independent of municipal water supply and the power grid.

  • Build our home and structures with primarily local, natural, and recycled materials.

  • Create our own systems for rainwater catchment, waste compòsting, and greywater use using the natural contour and geography of the land to our advantage.

  • Grow, harvest, and eat energy staples, nutritious foods, and medicinal herbs like banana, plantain, yuca (cassava), camote (tropiucal sweet potato), malabar spinach, albaca (tropical basil), lemongrass, cinnamon, and more.

  • Utilize old-fashioned methods of food preservation such as fermenting, salting, pickling, drying, canning, and making jams/marmalades.

  • Hand-wash and sun-dry our everyday clothes

  • Take advantage of the tranquility and absence of distraction to immerse ourselves in our changing landscape.


When you know where to look, you begin to see an unprecedented phenomenon now happening in this world of ours. Be they teachers in favelas, forest defenders, urban farmers...the fact is people from all walks of life are coming alive and coming together, impelled to create a more just and sustainable society...In this defining moment, countless choices are being made, habits relinquished, friendships forged, and gateways opened to unforeseen collaborations and capacities...when future generations look back at this historical moment, they will see, more clearly than we can right now, just how revolutionary it is. They may well call it the time of the Great Turning. -—Johanna Macy

It's a deeper calling I have, deep in my DNA...and I think it's the same for everyone, that we were put on this earth to be be caretakers, to nourish this beautiful garden... that's why humans were created, to be the caretakers of this planet. And I think we'll come to our true joy when we embrace that as a species. That's my dream. And as long as I'm here, I'll keep dreaming."

--Sun Ray Kelly, natural builder, Gardener of Eden