Situated 2.5 hours from Quito in lush cloud forest, this 3 hectares of pristine land is adjacent to the Sueño de Vida nature reserve, eco-lodge, and sustainable living center. Features access road, clear spring water and natural lagoons, fertile land ideal for growing cacao, sugar, bananas, citrus, and other tropical varieties--We have already sold three lots to North American pioneers and there are just two more parcels for sale. Build, live, vacation, and thrive in peace and privacy with the security of knowing the founders and creators of Sueño de Vida  are "only" a few acres away to navigate the buying process for you and turn your parcel into your own piece of paradise.

Price:  $45,000. Includes clean title in your name, all legal, notary, and registration fees, and first year property tax.  

Wondering what you'll do with this dream land if you buy it?  And how you'll do it and who will help you? Read on... 

Sustainability. Permaculture. Eco-this and Eco-that. It all sounds good.  But without action they're just words.  Well, here at Sueño de Vida we make the ideas reality to make sure the things that make life here so good--fresh air, clean water, wholesome food, a healthy body, sound sleeps and waking refreshed to the sounds of birds--stay that way, and even get better. 

While perusing land for sale under eco/permaculturist/sustainable listings in South America and beyond, I noticed that although the ads do a very good job of describing the benefits of the different parcels for sale, they didn't answer the questions any sane person would ask: What is it really like to live there? And, more importantly, particularly if that land is in a country not familiar to me, how on earth will I get what I need to live there too? 

Life here is simple and good. Tranquil is the word that most often comes to mind. Useful is another. We build and make things to make our lives more comfortable day by day. We cultivate the land, gradually replacing the tough grasses and tangled weeds with attractive and edible plants. We swim in our natural lagoon, take walks, play with our dogs, read books, and play cards. Guessing the time from the position of the sun, watching the sky change colors, and listening to the birds occupy us in place of TV and Facebook. Maybe it takes a certain kind of crazy to live out here, but it's a good kind of crazy. At least we like to think so. For some "civilization", once or twice a week, we drive thirty minutes to one of the closest large towns to get the newspaper, buy staples like rice and sugar, eat ice cream, and check emails. The outside world comes to us too. We host visitors and volunteers and offer nature retreats and sustainability courses. 

We are here to help other people who want to make their own dream of life a reality. We're not out to make a commune or intentional living community or whatever they are calling it these days. We simply wish to sell the 3 hectare parcels adjacent to Sueño de Vida to like- minded individuals who appreciate natural beauty, health, and peace of mind. And we offer our services to assist you in purchasing your land, building a home on it, and growing your own food if you desire. 

To give you an idea of what we can do for you, here's a brief rundown of what we've accomplished so far. Over the past two years, we have gently but steadily transformed our 3 hectares of unspoiled (read wild) cloud forest into a livable place where people, animals, and plants can co-exist in a beneficial relationship. From the humble foundations we dug ourselves, we have built three spacious circular structures: a kitchen/cafe with earthen wood-burning oven, gas stove, tables and seating for eight, a four room guesthouse, and an airy multi purpose studio for yoga and other activities. We have also constructed bathrooms and a shower, natural sauna and another large structure to process cacao (cocoa beans) for our own artesianal chocolate production. All of our buildings are constructed with over eighty percent natural, local, and recycled materials like bamboo, stone, clay, scrap wood, and even  glass bottles. We made a wide walking path from our buildings to our clear natural spring for easy access to the lagoon. With machetes, spades, and now the help of our two horses, we prepared enough ground to plant our first food forest of over one hundred fruit trees including citrus, banana, coconut, papaya, and avocado. We also planted--and have enjoyed harvesting--productive patches of cassava and sweet potato, an herb and vegetable garden, and many plants and flowers that attract a whole new array of brilliant birds and butterflies. We have also recently planted a second forest of heirloom Aroma Nacional cacao, and exotic fruit, nut, and spice trees like mangosteen, macadamia, nutmeg, and cardamom. 

With the exception of some help from a few locals and volunteers, we have done all of this work ourselves. So if the idea of cutting beams and vigas from giant pieces of bamboo, constructing a roof, installing running water from rainwater catchment, or planting an orchard of fruit trees is a little intimidating, well, relax. That's what we're here for.

We've lived here long enough now to have learned the important things International Living postcards don't tell you. Like while the process of buying land in Ecuador is straightforward enough, conducted simply between buyer and seller through a notary, they don't tell you that the day you go to sign the contract (compraventa), the notary went out to lunch and didn't come back. Or that the day you go to pay your tax and register your new property, the offices are closed for a local holiday. Or that once you begin building your house, deliveries of material scheduled for a Monday might show up by Wednesday, if you're lucky. In other words, things don't always go as planned. Living in Ecuador is by and by a fantastic experience and more than makes up for the hassles, but patience, persistence, and willingness to make multiple trips or phone calls are key factors. It's critical to have someone on the ground for you getting through the red tape. We've been through it all and have learned how to get things done here. In fact, this past year we have already navigated the purchasing process for two North American buyers, and have begun building houses amnd cultivatng land for them. 

If you're interested and thinking, hmmmmmm....sounds good, but have questions (naturally), don't hesitate to drop us a line at  We're not *always* checking email (part of the whole point of living here), but I promise we'll get back to you within 48 hours.  Please feel free to peruse our website here to find out more about the Sueño de Vida project, the attractions of our locale, and why Ecuador makes a wonderful second home. 

Thanks so much for your interest and keep on dreamin' on. 

Kristen & Juan